Clinically proven to heal symptoms fast within hours


Dynamiclear Rapid is a single application topical treatment for cold sores & blisters caused by herpes viruses (Also known as Herpes Labialis). It works by eliminating the virus on direct contact. It requires just one application per outbreak. Clinically proven to heal symptoms fast within 24-48 hours (in typical cases) (Read More). It provides quick pain relief and dries up blisters & weeping sore.  Works at any stage & no need for multiple application.

  • Reduces healing time FAST – within 24 – 48 hours*

  • Quick pain relief

  • Apply at any stage

  • One application to one outbreak

  • Dries up blisters

  • Powerful natural formula

  • Clinically proven and published*

  • Health Canada Approved: NPN 80086208

  • Inactivates the virus

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4.5 average product review score.

Dynamiclear naturally targets and heals cold sores!

Antiviral Antibacterial Antifungal Anti-inflammatory
Cupric Sulphate
(mineral salt)

(plant extract)
(plant extract)
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We’ve been stocking Dynamiclear now for approximately 3 months. In that time the customer feedback has exceeded expectations . People who have had hit-and-miss results over the years with other cold sore products have had fantastic results and have been amazed by the quick healing time and ease of application. It is fast becoming our #1 seller for over-the-counter cold sore preparations.


As a pharmacist, I have received numerous approvals for Dynamiclear Rapid from patients who’ve tried the product. In terms of ease of application, price, safety and effectiveness, I personally haven’t come across a product which is comparable. It certainly makes recommending a product for cold sores so much easier.

Abdullah Osman (B.Pharm)

I have received excellent feedback from patients in response to trialing Dynamiclear Rapid. The ease of use and the instant results that my patients have advised me of has given me the confidence in the product to recommend it first line to other patients.

Dr Toby Taleb Nasr

Being a cold sore sufferer for many years, I was excited when offered Dynamiclear Rapid to recommend to our customers as a single dose treatment. Although a little skeptical of this claim, I first applied Dynamiclear Rapid 12 hours after the first sign of a new cold sore and to my amazement the cold sore was completely gone later that same day. It’s unique and hygienic applicator meant no waste and ease of application.

Tanya Matthews

Been struggling with cold sores a few times a year for the past 25 years or so. Abreva, Ambesol, tea tree oil, Cold Sore FX, and numerous other (sometimes painful) methods have been tried. Some work ok, some not at all. THIS stuff though, WOW. Definitely accurate with the 2 day healing. Instantly zaps the f****r and stops it from growing/itching AND dries it out at the same time. This is now the only product I will use. I have big lips too, so the lower lip sores can get really gross. Not with this baby. Great stuff!!!

Johnny Goats

I had a really bad outbreak this time and had to turn to medicines after a week’s time. Tried Abreva and find it absolutely useless compared to this product! Dynamiclear Rapid worked overnight for me. Just within about 12 hours, my symptoms dramatically got alleviated and suddenly I felt like I had my life back!!! Thanks so much!!!

Amanda Chen

This stuff is amazing! I had a huge sore, and as soon as I was done applying this it started healing. I could feel it drying up and the swelling going down pretty much instantly. Recommend 100% and happy to have some extra on hand so I can catch it earlier next time.

Meghan Weber

Why use multiple doses to treat cold sores when you can do away with just a single dose?
Try Dynamiclear one-and-done application.